What is mediation?

Mediation is a process which gives parties to a dispute the chance to reach a compromise.

The mediator helps the parties do this by investigating with the parties what compromise they might reach and then assisting the parties with reaching a resolution.

The appointment of the mediator has to be agreed by all parties involved.  The mediator does not act as a legal adviser.

 What are the advantages?

It is an entirely voluntary arrangement: it can bring the matter to an end within a certain cost, a controlled outcome and at a time when the parties choose.  

There can be no need to meet or see the other party face-to-face.

The process is confidential unless and until a binding agreement is made.

It can give parties the freedom to deal with issues which perhaps could not be decided within current litigation.


Mediations can be set up at very short notice or can take place after much careful and deliberate preparation.

Representation? Parties may be legally represented as they wish.

Where? A neutral meeting venue such as a hotel, ideally with 3 meeting rooms: Civitas Law has excellent facilities for this in Cardiff.

How long? Whilst some can be over within half a day, a whole day is often appropriate: if the parties settle early, we can all go home!


How can Anthony help?

Anthony qualified as a mediator with CEDR, the Centre for Dispute Resolution, in 1995.  Since then he has trained as a community mediator with Southwark Mediation Centre and also with as a Commercial Mediator with the ADR Group.

As well as being instructed in numerous private cases, he has undertaken mediations for the Court of Appeal Mediation Scheme, for CEDR and for the Independent Housing Ombudsman.

What about cost?

It is usual for the parties to share the cost of the mediator although on occasion it is sometimes agreed that this will be paid entirely by one party.

The fees for the mediator are individually negotiated bearing in mind the circumstances of the case.

On the basis of a “standard” booking for a mediation for a whole day, a total fee in the region of £1,500+VAT is not unusual.  The mediation fee is usually paid in advance of the mediation meeting.

Next Step

For further information, do get in touch via the Contact Form or telephone Anthony or his clerk, Andrea McLean, on 08450 713007.